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We have continued to evolve our Calm, Peaceful and Relaxing setting for all who seek our professional services and are confident we can achieve it for you as we have for many.  We can enhance your comfort and relaxation with:

• Nitrous Oxide,
• Oral Sedatives,
• I.V. Sedation,
• Proven Mental Relaxation techniques,

Of course, we realize that none of this really matters if there is physical discomfort during procedures.
Rest assured, that our anesthetic techniques and gentleness will surpass your expectations.

We want to offer the best care that dentistry has to offer. This includes
• Laser Decay Detection (Diagnodent®),
• Needle-Free Anesthetic (Oraqix®),
• Ultra-low intensity digital x-rays, and 
• Advanced Oral Cancer Screening (VELscope®).

Welcome to The Perfect Smile!

501 South Garfield Ave.
Alhambra CA 91801
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We are better able to detect oral problems at an earlier stage than in the past. Problems fixed early when they are small result in a better long term prognosis.

The Perfect Smile utilizes DentaPure®'s technology to keep our water lines safe for our patients.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that water used in dental offices meet the drinking water standard established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of <500 colony forming units per millileter (CFU/ml) for all dental procedures.

Unfortunately, simply finding and using a water source (e.g., tap water, distilled water, or sterile water) containing <500 CFU/ml of bacteria  will not work because the dental unit water lines (DUWL) are able to harbor more than 1000 times that recommended maximum 500 CFU/ml.

Flushing the lines does not solve the problem.  For the safety of our patients, DentaPure® effectively brings the CFU/ml levels to BELOW 200 at all times, making the water going into your mouth safe at all times.  Other techniques may be effective, but is subject to human error (e.g., remembering to periodically treat the water line and knowing exactly when the contamination safety threshold is crossed is next to impossible on a long term basis).

Click here for more information DentaPure® or YouTube Video for more information.

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