Dentist In Pasadena

Dentist in Pasadena

At The Perfect Smile Dentistry & Cosmetic Center, we serve the Alhambra area and have expanded to reach patients in Pasadena. When you visit our dentists in Pasadena, we have a massive team of professionals ready to help you look and feel good. Yes, it’s important to receive routine dental care to maintain your smile. Please remember that we can help you no matter your situation. We are never here to judge you–we only want you to look and feel great.

Our Dentists in Pasadena

When you visit us at The Perfect Smile in Pasadena, we have several dentists on staff who can help you with your smile. Dr. Stan, Dr. Edward, Dr. Kevin and Dr. Sharlene offer expert dental care in any situation. Dr. June and Dr. Derek offer specialist services, and Jolene, Lea, and Kevin serve as our hygienists.

You are certainly welcome to request the dentist or hygienist that you prefer when you schedule an appointment. We cannot guarantee every appointment, but we will do our absolute best to keep our patients from Pasadena comfortable.

Our Dental Services in Pasadena

When you visit our Pasadena office, every patient will receive a comprehensive exam and full cleaning during each semi-annual appointment. This is the perfect time for our dentist to review your dental health and let you know what we think should be done to help you in the future.

Teeth whitening and smile makeovers are available, helping you upgrade your smile. Plus, we offer a range of cosmetic procedures that will help you look amazing, including:

Talk to your dentist about the services that you think you need. We have experts in our office who can handle everything, including root canals that precede dental implants.

Additional Cosmetic Procedures in Pasadena

When you need additional cosmetic procedures, you can choose from a range of dentures, from partial to complete. We can anchor your dentures with implants, and we can even install mini-implants that are unique to your mouth.

We also offer sedation dentistry if you are simply too nervous about visiting the dentist. We can help your children keep their smiles in good condition, and sedation dentistry may be part of the equation.

If you feel you have an issue that must be addressed with a cancer screening, our team in Pasadena will walk you through the process and prescribe treatment if needed.

Patients from Pasadena with sleep disorders are also welcome to visit our offices for services. We are happy to help patients with Sleep Apnea

( because there are several dental procedures that could help you improve your sleep and stop snoring.

Contact Us Today

You are welcome to contact us online today for assistance with your dental needs or schedule an appointment. You may also call 626-570-1818 to speak with our team in Pasadena, schedule a consultation, or get answers to frequently asked questions.

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