Immediate Dentures In Alhambra and Pasadena

IMMEDIATE dentures are made to be delivered on the day teeth are extracted. It may still take several appointments to fabricate, as we need your input and the dental laboratory time involved. They are called IMMEDIATE simply because they are fabricated prior to removal of teeth and are inserted immediately after removal of teeth so that there are teeth to chew with, and/or the fact that it is embarrassing to be seen without teeth.

Being that it is an approximation of the tissue contours and also that the tissues will be changing shape rapidly as tissue and bone grow into the area of extraction, frequent visits to reline and adjust the appliance is necessary initially. Once the mouth has completely healed, depending on the situation, either a new set of dentures or a laboratory reline is necessary to achieve maximum comfort.

Dentures, removable in the sense that they can be inserted and taken out of mouths at any time to clean them, is one method which missing teeth can be “replaced”. They can be made:

To look perfect or made to look realistically imperfect as desired,
To replace a single tooth or a full mouth of teeth,
To be worn TEMPORARY or to be a PERMANENT fix.

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