Mission and Pledge

Mission Statement

  • To do our best to help our patients achieve and then maintain their oral health.
  • To always strive to achieve the highest ethical standard of dental care.
  • To provide dental care in the most respectful, caring, diligent, and comfortable setting.
  • To continually strive to become better caregivers.
  • To better our patients health and quality of life.
The Perfect Smile

The Dentists' Pledge

  • We solemnly promise to live our lives in the service of humanity
  • We will hold in gratitude our school, its teachings, and the inspiration of our teachers and classmates
  • We will accept our civic responsibility
  • We will practice the charity we owe our fellow men
  • We will show the same solicitude toward our patients that we would have shown toward us
  • We will make honesty our goal, in service, in teaching, in seeking knowledge
  • These things we pledge to do, freely and upon our honor

The Perfect Smile
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