Partial Dentures In Alhambra and Pasadena

A PARTIAL denture is fabricated in the case where some healthy teeth in healthy bone exist. In this situation, there are different types of PARTIAL dentures that are available, including non-metal and metal frameworks, acrylic and non-acrylic materials.

A PERMANENT PARTIAL DENTURE takes several appointments to make because it is custom made to your teeth. Appointments are needed to take impressions, ensure fit of the cast-metal framework, check the proper bite position and shade of the teeth, and deliver it to you. It is possible to fabricate non-metal PARTIAL dentures in certain situations.

A TEMPORARY PARTIAL DENTURE can be made in as little as one appointment. This is a less costly alternative to the PERMANENT denture. In turn, it is not as durable. It is a quick solution to unexpected tooth loss while another solution is planned and can alleviate an embarrassing situation. It is constructed of strong wires that cling onto remaining teeth rather than a cast-metal framework.

Dentures, removable in the sense that they can be inserted and taken out of mouths at any time to clean them, is one method which missing teeth can be “replaced”. They can be made:

To look perfect or made to look realistically imperfect as desired,
To replace a single tooth or a full mouth of teeth,
To be worn TEMPORARY or to be a PERMANENT fix.

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