Sleep Disorder In Alhambra and Pasadena

Sleep Disorder

Many people suffer from sleep disorders and may not be explicitly aware of it. People with sleep disorders
have one or more of these problems:

Heavy Snoring – unknown to sufferers but witnessed by family members, including spouses

Bruxism/clenching – sore jaw muscles and TMJ pain, and possibly heavily ground down teeth

Sleep Apnea – pauses in breathing and/or shallow breathing while sleeping.

Chronic suffers display evidence of:

  • Daytime Sleepiness despite “adequate” time in bed
  • Morning headaches due to oxygen deprivation and nocturnal clenching and/or grinding
  • Unexplained irritableness and/or depressed feelings because of lack of quality sleep
  • Inability to focus or concentrate on tasks which leads to loss of productivity

If you have been told that by a family member (or you have a family member) that you snore heavily, grind/clench your teeth, and /or stop breathing during the night only to awaken gasping for air, we can help.

With our advanced yet non-intrusive device (about the size of a cell phone), we can monitor/record your sleep patterns including oxygen saturation, jaw muscle movements, and even snoring sounds, we can properly determine what is uniquely your problem and the severity of it while you sleep at home.  There is no longer a need to check into sleep centers, which do not promote good sleep in itself.

Past solutions to this diagnosed problem include use of CPAP, but it is uncomfortable to wear, impractical to travel with and patients usually stop using it after a few months. As dentists, we can evaluate and prescribe many types of appliances while taking into account the source of the problem and your preference.

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