Are You Giving Dental Hygiene the Attention It Deserves?

It is said that you are not fully dressed unless you have a smile on. While brushing your teeth and other practices like flossing are enough to get your teeth looking and feeling great, dental hygiene and a regular visit to the dentist is also crucial. A dentist is equipped to run a comprehensive oral check and ensure that there is no existing or potential threat to your oral health.

Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

Did you know that there is correlation between the health of your mouth and overall health? Just by looking into your mouth or running a saliva swab, doctors can tell what is going on inside the body. Therefore, good dental hygiene is not just about your teeth but your whole well being. It takes both daily cleaning practices and regular dental appointments to ensure any existing conditions are dealt with in good time and risk of associated diseases is reduced.

Daily Dental Hygiene Practices


You are supposed to brush your teeth at least twice everyday using a toothpaste that contains the right amounts of fluoride as prescribed by the American Dental Association. It is recommended to brush and in the evening before bedtime although you can choose to do if after every meal. Brush in a circular motion and make sure to replace your toothbrush after every 2-3 months or after a cold or flu to prevent re-infection.


Flossing is also recommended once daily. Make sure your hands are clean, and then take about 18 inches of floss and wrap it between your fingers leaving about 2 inches of floss. Run this gently between each tooth in an up and down motion, ensuring you use a fresh portion of floss for each tooth.


Use a mouth rinse after brushing and flossing to offer additional protection against gum disease and tooth decay. Always gargle the mouth rinse for a minimum of 30 seconds to get good results.

What to Expect at a Dental Visit

At any routine dental visit, you can expect the following;

  • A complete examination on the state of the health of your mouth
  • Close examination of each tooth where each tooth id professionally cleaned
  • Removal of any present plaque or tartar
  • An optional fluoride treatment
  • Recommendation of any extra services if need be


What is the Cost?

The cost of a dental visit usually varies depending on the state of your oral health, the dental hygiene services offered and type of health insurance. However the general range is between $80 and $175.

At The Perfect Smile Dentistry, just as the name suggests, we are committed to keeping your signature smile in check. We do this by ensuring that your teeth don’t just look good but also function great and that you maintain overall good dental health. Book an appointment with us today!